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Meet the chef

Alaska personal chef at farmers market

I found myself in the kitchen at an early age. With grandparents who farmed I learned to appreciate the hard work that goes in to making food. I see the craft that a chef ply's as an extension of the art that farmers create. Once you have the best food in the world, as a chef you help it speak to for itself.

I grew up in Eagle River after being transplanted to Alaska from Oklahoma in 1986.  My career in kitchens started in Bend, Oregon as I prepared for my time at the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco. Upon returning to Alaska I spent time in kitchens such as The Marx Bros., The Hotel Captain Cook, The Beartooth Grill and The Haute Quarter. 

Along the way I have worked to get more Alaskan food on Alaskan tables. In the past I have worked with groups such as Alaska Farmland Trust, Trout Unlimited and The Alaska Division of Agriculture to help get the word out on local foods. My commitment to Alaskan agriculture is unwavering and I look forward to working with these passionate Alaskans. 

When I am not cooking I am usually chasing my two kids with my wife in Eagle River. We do our best to enjoy all of the amazing outdoor opportunities Alaska has to offer each season. 

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